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ANYTHING & EVERYTHING PODCAST: Take Action on Your Ideas before they become someone else's reality.

October 07, 2021 Hallema Sharif Season 2 Episode 1
Anything & Everything
ANYTHING & EVERYTHING PODCAST: Take Action on Your Ideas before they become someone else's reality.
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Hallema Sharif shares an 8 minute talk on why you shouldn't abandon your gifts and the importance of 'taking action on your ideas before they become someone else’s reality.’

Hey there … this is Hallema Sharif and I’m the host and producer for Anything & Everything, an internet-based program which acknowledges humanity at its core and recognizes that Everyone has a Story!

I’m the President & CEO of HS Global Consulting, a woman/ minority owned global communications, public relations company. I have been in the industry for over 30 years and my company has been in existence for over 15 years.

In June of 2020, I decided to create something meaningful and entertaining to help ease the sadness and frustration caused by the pandemic. In less than a year, We have produced over 20 episodes and growing within the following categories:  The New Orleans Music Legends; Women of Color Catalysts; Women of Color Catalysts & their Allies, and The Artists Circle; and the Brotherhood Circle.

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    I have interviewed such notables as former executive writer/producer for ‘The Martin Lawrence Show’, Kenny Buford; New Orleans Jazz Legends Edward ‘Kidd’ Jordan, Germaine Bazzle, and Roger Dickerson; actor/comedian and Saturday Night Live’s first Black actor, Garrett Morris; famed comedian/actress Luenell; First Lady Jill Biden’s Chief of Staff and former U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay, Julissa Reynoso; Kemba Hendrix, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the House of Representatives; and Subha Barry, Seramount’s President & CEO. The show can be found on YouTube as well as on major Podcast platforms. 

    The podcast topic for today is - ‘Take action on your ideas before they become someone else’s reality.’ Now what exactly does that mean ….take action on your ideas before they become someone else’s  reality. So what made me think of this topic is because so many of us have been guilty of this… we have these wonderful ideas that may have come to us back in the 60s 70s 80s 90s, depending on our era.. And we tell ourselves and others …. You know, that was an excellent idea and I know that I can do so much with this and it can truly  grow into something HUGE, and  have quite an impact on several peoples lives ….I’m sure of it. But then somewhere down the line you tell yourself ….I’m going to get to it tomorrow …. Or better yet, I’ll start on it next week.  it’s like you’re on a diet or something. you tell yourself, I’m just going to have this one last cookie, but better yet, let me just eat the whole pack and then I’ll start my diet next week.  Clearly this is not about the diet;  this is about an appetite for success and many times you may have an appetite for success but you become apprehensive for whatever reason, making excuses after excised … perhaps telling yourself  … it’s too much work or it’s going to take too long.  but everything is a process ….things don’t happen overnight. So you say to yourself I’m going to wait, i’m gonna wait for the right time. OK so you waited and waited about 2 or 3 months or maybe even three years and then one day, you Open up a magazine where you discover that somebody stole your idea … as you say it. But actually that person didn’t  steal your idea —-you kind of gave it away.  You  gave it away by pushing it back into the universe and offering to someone else. you didn’t act on it at that particular time ….you said I’ll get to it when it’s time. But that time was actually your time; it was tailor made for you. Now who’s the say that this other person didn’t receive that idea at the same time that you did? Two different people, being granted a great idea, I’m different parts of the world. But because you didn’t act on it in time that idea that was specifically made for you ended up going to the next person who made it their own and made it work the way that you were supposed to do it. Stop talking yourself out of success. Stop procrastinating on things that will help you elevate to the different levels of your growth and development. You never know why something comes to you; everything happens for a reason. Don’t just wait for an opportunity to come your way go out there and create all opportunities. That idea that came to you that was Tailor made for you …there are so many ways to not only make it work for you, but you can also make it work for others.  That Good idea that you mentioned earlier and said to yourself and to others that this idea  can have an impact on so many. Well guess what?  it’s still not too late to make it happen.  so when ideas come to you, act on it based on how it was given to you at that time. As we know our world changed day by day …. Trendy’s, technology, nothing remains completely the same. So by now you’re probably saying to yourself … I wish or I wonder how I could’ve made it all work. My advice to you is don’t think too hard about it because just like that idea came to you, another idea can come right behind it …and all you have to do is accept it, nurture it and let it grow. We all come in this world with gifts; gifts that are made for us to hone, to claim, and to share with others.  Don’t let your gifts go to waste because if you do, you will never know how far those gifts could’ve taken you, or how it could impact another human. So go ahead, take those ideas, put them into action, and make them happen. And remember, once again  … ‘Take action on your ideas before they becomes someone else’s reality.’ And If you can’t do that … just move to the side and welcome the next person in line.  But through it all… ‘Keep it Moving.’

This is Hallema Sharif with Anything & Everything.